Will Merchant Accounts Help Your Business?

What are Merchant Account Cash Advances?

It’s the Hottest Source of Lending Today!

Does Your Business Have VISA/MASTER CARD Sales Every Month? If so, this May be Your Solution!

The New Kid On The Block:
Merchant Account Cash Advance Lending.

  • Banks turn down 7 out of 10 small business applications.
  • Banks focus almost exclusively on the entrepreneur’s credit rating.
  • Instead of credit scores, this program focuses on cash flow generated by credit card transactions!
  • Credit scores look at the struggle of the business and cash flow you look at the success of a business!

For the first time in about 17 years, the American public can’t simply overspend, overcharge their credit cards then go refinance their house in 3 years from now and get back to zero and start over again.

What about Merchant Account Cash Advance Lending?

Merchant account cash advance lending purchases people’s future Visa/MasterCard receipts at a discount. They are paid back by deducting a fixed percentage of the merchant’s daily Visa/MasterCard credit card sales from the processor.

In essence, there isn’t a fixed payment on the merchant and they come to an agreed amount of percentage that they are going to take back from the merchant.

For more information on accessing merchant accounts, read on! Access Merchant Accounts.

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