Vendors that grant vendor credit and report to the business credit bureaus

ores in the United States (including Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands), Canada, and Mexico.

Reports to: D&B, Experian, Equifax

Getting Approved: Users have reported that Home Depot required a D&B score of at least 75 for a credit card to be issued if you are a startup business. Paydex score of 85 or higher is verified if you are requesting $10,000 or more for an initial credit line. EIN number required. If you are a newer business, you may need to provide a PG. This will NOT effect your personal credit unless you default on the account.

Payment Terms: Net 25/30 (Reports every 30 days)


Commercial Credit Account:

Other Information: The application can be filled online or in-store. You will find out whether you are approved or not within 5-10 minutes. If you fill the application online, you will receive your card within 7-10 business days (2 weeks). If you fill your application in store and need to use the credit right away, you will be given a temporary card to use in store.