The Ultimate Joint Venture Boot Camp – Give Me Just 3 Days And I’ll Help You Profit Wildly


This is THE Skill You MUST Master to

Dramatically Skyrocket Your Profits in 2011 and Beyond!!

Is your business struggling? Do you need more clients, more sales in your business? If you’re not using the most powerful form of leverage to grow your business, this will be the most important message you read this year.

Let me get straight to the point. With 95% of businesses failing within 5 years, you CANNOT afford to have an ineffective marketing plan. The problem is that I see way too many businesses investing tremendous amounts of money in the most expensive form of advertising: traditional advertising and marketing.

Now, Here’s the Good News.

The good news is that I am offering you three business life-changing days with me and my team of trainers and coaches in Las Vegas as we mentor you in the most powerful marketing strategy to put massive profits in your business.

Most people do the same old, same old that is NOT working. They forget the definition of insanity…doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results! Step out of your comfort zone and make a decision to invest perhaps the most important three days of your business career at The Ultimate Joint Venture Boot Camp!

Discover How to Launch a THRIVING business with little or NO ‘start-up’ cash, NO sales people, NO office equipment and even NO product of your own…

Give yourself, your family, and your future a real chance. Learn the simple and most powerful form of leverage to grow your business: Joint Ventures (strategic alliances and host beneficiary relationships). The Ultimate Joint Venture Boot Camp 2011 is a ONE-TIME only event designed to explode your business!

When is the last time you took three solid days to master one strategy? Especially one most important to grow your business when money is tight? A couple of years, five years ago, maybe never?

It’s a lot easier to master the skill when you follow a tried and tested system. That’s exactly what I’m giving you here if you take action immediately.

This eye-opening event is for you if you are…

  • Ready for a “VERY Advanced System for Joint Venture Training.” We are going where no one has gone before to give you the Joint Venture Blueprint
  • Open to implementing joint venture SYSTEMS…yes, SYSTEMS, for making big money (get ready to pay a lot in taxes in 2011!);
  • Accustomed to earning six figures (or even seven figures), or very sincerely interested in doing whatever it takes to get to that level ASAP with fewer headaches
  • Aware of the New Financial World in which we currently operate, and what you must do differently to excel
  • Absent “conflicting financial beliefs” about generating huge profits for you and your business
  • Eager for “MAXIMUM speed,” changing and adapting, accelerating goals achievements

If that short-list does not disqualify you, then please read on….

If you feel stressed out and are struggling in your business, most likely you are NOT effectively executing joint ventures! Perhaps you are not doing them at all. Let me and my team show you how to turn everything around for you!

You may be looking to really prosper during these daunting economic times. Perhaps you are simply struggling to stay afloat. This is the ideal business climate to leverage joint ventures to grow your business!

Look at is this way: In launching a new advertising campaign to a cold market, you can spend $5,000, $10,000, and often much more in sales letter copy, crafting the offer, working the follow up sequence, split testing and realize (perhaps) a 1-3% conversion rate. That is, assuming you do everything properly.

OR, you can model a powerfully effective strategy by learning the short cut: a workable system to leverage joint ventures to grow your business.

What Exactly Is A Joint Venture, Anyway?

Joint Ventures (effectively executed JVs) are the “best-kept secret” and most powerful way to grow your business in the shortest period of time (when you approach with the correct strategy. Without the correct strategy, you make no money. That is why most people who simply “network” really never make any money).

Simply put, a JV is a way of working together with others that will benefit all parties involved. It sounds simple, and when you learn the joint venture blueprint, the steps, and tools you must have in place, it can be! But it’s that “X” Factor, leveraging, that really takes JVs to the next level and makes them extremely profitable.

I’m talking about EXPONENTIAL GROWTH!

You see, JVs help you work less and earn more because they divide your effort… while multiplying your results. Imagine instantly tapping into a vast network of profit-churning resources that would take you DECADES to reproduce on your own (if you even could).

Simply put, Joint Ventures are the STEROIDS that rapidly build your business profit muscles. And muscle is what it’s all about. Leveraging your efforts to reach 10 x 10 x 10 times as many of your prospects that you could reach on your own.

You see…

  • You don’t always need a product. You can easily make money with exclusive rights to sell other people’s products instead.
  • You don’t need a list. Again, it’s all about LEVERAGE. There are plenty of lists already out there that you can tap and bring in massive profits!
  • You don’t need money to get started. There are plenty of deals you can structure that require NO UP-FRONT CAPITAL on your part. You just need to know what they are and reach the right people. Let the experts at The Ultimate Joint Venture Boot Camp show you how!
  • You don’t need to know anything about setting up JVs. Even if you have never done one before, you will learn the entire joint venture blueprint at The Ultimate Joint Venture Boot Camp!
  • Imagine, if you DO have a list, an operating business with resources, capital and tools … little hinges can open big doors for you. Mastering joint ventures can rocket your business to all-time highs in 2011 and beyond!

At The Ultimate Joint Venture Boot Camp you will learn the blueprint to leverage profitable joint ventures and partnerships to tap unrealized profit centers just sitting there waiting to be exploited!

Plus, you will be able to reap the exponential power of teaming up with other attendees at the event to help you generate maximum profit in your business.)

The truth is, there are only two things you need to experience that kind of success:

1) The knowledge, or blueprint, of how to achieve it.
2) The dedication, desire, and willingness to take action.

That’s it!

Difficult = Increased Chance of Failure

If you try to figure out how to do joint ventures from scratch, or convince yourself that you are already doing them (or are you really?), there is no guarantee you will ever see the results you deserve. You want something proven AND easy.

So what happens when you combine your action with an easy blueprint for joint ventures that is already PROVEN to bring in BIG results? Massive Profits! That’s what happens.

Knowledge + Action = MASSIVE PROFITS

Even if your efforts right now seem to amount to very little results, the moment you combine your action with the most powerful marketing tool known today, you’ll immediately begin to experience massive results!

And more than that, you’ll start to look at life in a whole new way. Your family and friends will start to wonder why you’re so happy and excited all the time, and how you’re able to afford the very best of everything. Your life will be simplified, with a heck of a lot less stress and more enjoyable!

It’s pure magic, and truly indescribable. I know. It happened to me too. Plus, a special gift to give yourself and your family!

The good news is that the time is ripe for you to Master True Leverage for Maximum Profits™ for your business. The method is yours for the taking! Invest a bit of your time in this phenomenal hands-on “boot camp” event, and you can capture forever a workable, streamlined system for the most powerful marketing tool in existence today — joint ventures!

The #1 purpose of a business is NOT to get more customers, more leads, more visitors to your website. Those are all merely components of your true goal — to earn you profits! The more profits you realize, the more you and your family can enjoy your life, and the more value you can offer your clients.

Learn How to Penetrate New Markets, Explode Your Sales and Flood Your Business with Cash-in-Hand Clients, WITHOUT Spending a Dime on Advertising!

About the Event!

I am hosting this powerful life-changing three-day event in Las Vegas, Nevada. I have helped over 5,500 companies get off to a fast start over the last 13 years and now offer my expertise at this once-in-a-lifetime boot camp. I’ll give you the tools and blueprint to master the most powerful tool in existence to leverage your business — joint ventures!

Join me, Scott Letourneau, January 28-30, 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada for
Master True Leverage for Maximum Profits™

As the CEO of Nevada Corporate Planners and Fast Business Credit, I have helped thousands of entrepreneurs throughout the world get their businesses off to a fast start to profits!

You may have heard of my successes in helping entrepreneurs. In fact, worldwide successful entrepreneurs turn to me when they want to establish their companies in the United States. They want the one person who they know can deliver a truly turnkey experience to position themselves for profits and success.

I have spent the past 15 years modeling some of the best marketers of our time to break down, step by step, an often-talked-about (yet often poorly executed) strategy: joint ventures. Sadly, so many business owners, from startups to $50 million per year companies, don’t have a clue as to how to effectively leverage this powerful marketing tool.

That’s why I created the Ultimate Joint Venture Boot Camp: to teach a select few, serious entrepreneurs the step-by-step blueprint for harnessing this incredible tool. So few realize that you can easily leverage JVs that may be worth $10,000, $50,000, $100,000, $1 million or more in new business over the next 1-3 years!

The key is to learn how to leverage other people’s money, clients and resources to your benefit. Imagine having someone endorse you to their client list, one that they’ve been diligently building for 2, 5, 7 or more years. Yet you know how to make them willing, even eager to introduce your product and service to their list, at ZERO COST to you! How amazing! Remember, they may have invested millions to develop their list, yet you harness the power of all those accumulated assets at ZERO COST!

How does that happen? The fact is, it does not very often because of many missing ingredients.

Let me tell you what this Ultimate Joint Venture Boot Camp is NOT:

  • The Ultimate Joint Venture Boot Camp is NOT networking – it’s far more effective, efficient, and profitable than that!
  • The Ultimate Joint Venture Boot Camp is NOT just about listening to strategies. It’s learning how to implement strategies that you can have in place the following Monday!
  • The Ultimate Joint Venture Boot Camp is NOT about working longer hours. It’s about a system of ultimate leverage, both in time and money!
  • The Ultimate Joint Venture Boot Camp is NOT about getting more referrals or more business. It’s a system to get your life back, and to eliminate the ineffective approaches that simply waste your time!

For many of you it may be late in the game of business. You’ve been slogging along for years, and you’re now behind late in the fourth quarter. The two-minute warning is under way…you are down by 10 points…you need a touchdown AND an onside kick to win the game. Will you lose another game… or be part of the historic breakthrough story in your business and life?

For others, you may be growing, doing millions per year in revenue… yet, you realize there must be a more effective tool to leverage your time and money. Traveling 200 days per year… being on the computer 14 hours a day… not seeing your family, spouse or even having time for yourself…

Get off the burnout track and come to Las Vegas for three days in January to change your entire future with the most powerful tool for entrepreneurs today — Joint Ventures!

At The Ultimate Joint Venture Boot Camp you will learn, step-by-step,

the foundation to leverage joint ventures to

Master True Leverage for Maximum Profits™!

Here are some of the powerful skills that you will learn and be ready to implement after attending the powerful 3-day Ultimate Joint Venture Boot Camp:

  • The foundation for Joint Ventures Discover which tools you must have in place to leverage JVs. If you want to JV with someone who is very successful, time is of the essence. You must make it effortlessly turnkey for that person to implement or promote you!
  • Receive the exact Joint Venture Blueprint for Success™! Includes tools to have someone endorse you to their list, effective e-mails, titles, bio, testimonials and questions for you to host a teleseminar or webinar. Learn how to make it turnkey with MASSIVE VALUE at NO COST to your JV partner. Make it EASY, EASY for them to implement, and they’ll LOVE working with you…and then experience the Joint Venture Tsunami™! That is the point where you implement your new Joint Venture Elicitation Skills™…how to separate the hype and hope from the real joint ventures, the ones that are worth your time and energy!! Just being good at Joint Ventures is not good enough. Wasting your time with ineffective ones will not serve you at all!
  • The language patterns of success. Learn how to properly add value to someone else’s business by not telling them what you do, but rather by being ultra-strategic. Ask empowering questions to determine the best way you can add maximum value to someone else’s business. They’ll positively insist upon doing a joint venture with you, because they realize THEIR business success is at stake! Now that is power!
  • Strategies to automate your joint venture system and processes to most effectively sort for the most effective joint ventures. Imagine having an effective process that makes joint ventures turnkey and profitable for you!
  • Learn from the best of the best in the world on how to position what you do and add massive value for others. Discover the costly mistakes (many of them totally off of your radar screen) that cost you a fortune in missed joint venture opportunities!

You’ll pick the brains of these special guest speakers to enhance your Joint Venture IQ™, and leave with tools and strategies to implement after your three days with the Ultimate Joint Venture Boot Camp!

Join me as I help you
Master True Leverage
for Maximum Profits™ for Your Business!

Whether you are a start up business owner, home-based entrepreneur, seasoned company stuck at a plateau or a multimillion dollar company looking to swallow up market share…it’s time for the golden opportunity in our financial history to learn several life changing strategies and distinctions in Las Vegas Nevada January 28-30th!

Are you ready to be bold and master the #1 skill set to help you Master True Leverage for Maximum Profits™ for Your Business!?

About The Author: Scott Letourneau is the CEO of Fast Business Credit, Inc. When it comes to securing cash and vendor lines of credit and avoiding costly mistakes his company is the authority. For further assistance regarding the development of business credit go to or call FBC at 1-888-313-6333 or 702-977-5246.