The Massive Benefits to Build a Business Credit Asset Fast to Your Business!

In today’s competitive marketplace, the more creditable your entity appears to others, including leads, clients, vendors and joint venture partners, the more profits your business will generate. We realize that accessing more clients and customers to grow your business is critical. The challenge is: you may be losing business for reasons you have not considered.

Does your business look CREDITABLE when someone checks it out? Does anything show up, or very little, at the business credit bureaus, including Dun & Bradstreet®, Business Experian® and Business Equifax®? Even if you have had your business for 5, 10 or 14 years, the odds may be your business still does not look creditable. Find out for yourself and check out your own company for FREE.

Your company will appear financially naked to vendors, banks, joint ventures partners… if you have 2 or less trade lines of credit reporting to your company. Go to the URLs below to check out your company now:

Business Experian®: Go to: Business Equifax®: Go to: Let me ask you this question: How did your business score? If the entity applied for business credit, whether vendor or cash lines of credit, would it get accepted or rejected? Do you know the items to have in place before you should ever do that?

There are several factors that come into play both on the personal and business side to determine the likelihood that your entity will be fundable now or in the future. Perhaps you are risking too much of your personal credit on your business. There is a way to minimize that risk.  

Here are the major criteria to help you determine if your business is fundable:


• Your personal credit score in all three bureaus

• Any major derogatories like a bankruptcy (that has not charged off) or foreclosure

• Your revolving debt ratio

• Investments in retirement accounts


• How many years in business (the LLC or corporation) • Annual gross sales for the business

• Annual profits for the business • A business plan

• Financials • Monthly VISA/MASTERCARD sales

™ enables the business owner to create a financial choices.


• Collateral • A personal guarantee vs. a personal credit check

• Partners in the business •U.S.owners vs. foreign owners

• Any accounts receivable • Equipment paid for

• Dun & Bradstreet® business credit score & rating • Business Experian® business credit score & rating

• The number of vendors reporting to business credit bureaus • Business Equifax® business credit score & rating The next step is the evaluation of the factors that pertain to you and your business to determine how fundable your business is at this time. If your business is very fundable, the next step is to determine what types of funding would be best in your situation to sustain or grow your business. If your business is NOT fundable currently, the next step is to determine what has to happen, and in what time frame, in order for your business to become more FUNDABLE.

The business credit education, service and coaching marketplace is driven by the ever-increasing demand of small business owners who need access to funding and credit sources outside of their personal network. Often a business in its start-up and growth stages exhaust the availability of personally guaranteed credit based on their personal credit score. Once that personal credit is exhausted out, the business owner has little or no access to alternative funding sources.  The result is over 95% of small businesses fail in their first five years.

Separating personal credit from business credit eliminates one of the several critical errors a business owner can make which results in the “piercing of the corporate veil’s limited liability.” When a business owner intermixes personal and business credit, their personal assets are potentially at risk in the case of litigation – all the more reason why business credit asset development is crucial for every small business.

A Business Credit Asset™ enables the business owner to create a financial capitalization asset that can be transferred with the business, in an exit for example.

Let me share with you five reasons why every business owner needs business credit:

#1 Access to funding and managing cash flow is the single biggest concern for business owners.

By establishing and building a Business Credit Asset™, businesses can access new funding sources to ensure positive cash flow.

#2 Secure new financing options.

A strong business credit file can be the difference between receiving funds or not. Approval for most small business loan decisions under $90,000 happens automatically, often relying on one thing – your business credit file and score.

#3 Get the best credit terms.

Your business credit score will likely result in better credit card and loan interest rates. For businesses with weak credit scores, banks and lending institutions may increase loan interest rates from 7%-12% and credit card interest rates from 8% to 18%.

#4 Reduce your expenses.

Building a business Credit Asset can improve cash flow by reducing:

• Financing Costs

• Insurance Premiums

• Rental Terms

• Credit Card Rates

• Vendor and Supplier Terms

#5 Peace of mind.

Protect your personal assets and reduce your personal liability by creating a separate corporate entity and business credit. Establishing your business credit asset only strengthens this liability protection. There are so many benefits to develop a business credit asset for your short and long term growth of your business. The key is to have a system to simply the process for you.


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