The Factors to Determine if Your Business is Fundable or Not…

In today’s competitive marketplace, cash and capital is king! As you
know the #1 reason businesses fail is due to lack of cash flow.

Gaining access to adequate capital for your business involves several factors.


Here are the major criteria to help you determine if your business is fundable:


• You personal credit score in all three bureaus
• Your revolving debt ratio
• Any major derogatories like a bankruptcy (that is not charged off)
or foreclosure
• Investments in retirement accounts


• How many years in

business (the LLC or corporation)?
• Annual gross sales for the business.
• Annual profits for the business.
• A business plan
• Financials
• Monthly VISA/MASTERCARD sales.
• Do you have any accounts receivable?
• Do you have equipment paid for?
• Dun & Bradstreet® business credit score and rating.
• Business Experian® business credit score and rating
• Business Equifax® business credit score and rating.
• The number of vendors reporting to the business credit bureaus



•  Collateral
• A personal guarantee vs a personal credit check
• Partners in the business
• U.S. owners vs foreign owners.


The next step is the evaluation of the factors that pertain to you and your business to determine how fundable your business is at this time.
If your business is very fundable, the next step is to determine what
types of funding would be best in your situation to sustain or grow
your business?


If your business is NOT fundable currently, the next step is to determine what has to happen, and in what time frame, in order for your business to become more FUNDABLE?


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