Steps to Report to D&B®, Corporate Experian® and Corporate Equifax®

Understanding how reporting and scoring works with “The Big Three”– Dun & Bradstreet®, Corporate Experian® and Corporate Equifax® – is vitally important as you begin to establish your business credit profiles. Know where you stand with the most important business credit bureaus and how the reporting process impacts your credibility and the amount of funding you can receive.



Dun & Bradstreet®. When it comes to building business credit, financial credibility the names that comes to everyone’s mind first is Dun & Bradstreet®.

D&B (NYSE:DNB) is the world’s leading source of commercial information and insight on businesses, enabling companies to Decide with Confidence for more than 170 years.


Today, D&B’s global commercial database contains more than 200 million business records. Enhanced by D&B’s proprietary DUNSRight™ Quality Process, the D&B database provides our customers with unparalleled quality business information — the foundation of our global solutions that customers rely on to make critical business decisions.


D&B provides solutions that meet a diverse set of global customer needs.

Customers use D&B Risk Management Solutions™ to mitigate credit and supplier risk, increase cash flow and drive increased profitability; D&B Sales & Marketing Solutions™ to increase revenue from new and existing customers; and to convert prospects into clients faster by enabling business professionals to research companies, executives and industries.


D& B is known for the all important D-U-N-S® Number – Created in 1962. The Data Universal Numbering System or D-U-N-S® Number is D&B’s copyrighted, proprietary means of identifying business entities on a location-specific basis.


Assigned and maintained solely by D&B, this unique nine-digit identification number has been assigned to over 200 million businesses worldwide.You will learn that there is more to D&B® than just your D-U-N-S® Number. Your business will also have a Paydex score along with a D&B rating which is very important with your vendor and cash lines of credit.  Unlike with Corporate Experian® and Corporate Equifax®, in order for vendors to be able to report to D&B a file must be manually started with a fee to D&B.

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7 Steps to Our Ultimate Business Credit Building System:

[learn_more caption=”Business Questioner and Evaluation:”]

  • What type of business credit funding will I receive for my business? Cash or vendor lines?
  • How much funding will I receive?
  • How fast will I receive the funding?

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[/learn_more][learn_more caption=”Personal Credit Training”]

  • Personal Credit Repair
  • Comprehensive Budgeting

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[learn_more caption=”Compliance Process”]

  • Separate Legal Entity
  • EIN
  • Initial List Filed
  • Business Address (combine 4 and 5)
  • 411 Listing
  • Local Phone
  • E-mail
  • Business License
  • Web Site
  • Fax Number
  • Business Plan
  • Bank Rating
  • Business Classification Code

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[learn_more caption=”Business Credit Bureaus”]

  • D&B® set up
  • Steps to Report to D&B®, Corporate Experian® and Corporate Equifax®

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[learn_more caption=”Cash Funding and Vendor Lines of Credit”]

  • Funding Specialist
  • Funding Options
  • Starter Vendors & Applications
  • Vendors for Office Supplies, Marketing, Print & Applications
  • Vendors for Building & Industrial Supplies & Applications
  • Revolving Credit Accounts & Applications
  • Revolving Accounts for Office Resources & Supplies
  • Revolving Accounts for Building & Décor Supplies
  • Revolving Accounts with No Personal Guarantee
  • Additional Vendors

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[learn_more caption=”Business Credit Coaching”]

  • Certified Business Credit Coach
  • Contact information & Hours

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[learn_more caption=”Business Credit Training and Support”]

  • The 55 Secrets to Secure Business Credit (CA$H) for Your Business AND Keep
  • 100% Ownership of Your Company
  • The 29 Credit Score and Repair Secrets, Plus 10 Bonus Secrets to Save Your Home
  • CEO Scott Letourneau’s “Golden Rolodex” of Business Credit Vendors & Resources
  • Business Credit
  • Triple Overlap
  • Valuation
  • Joint Ventures
  • Raising Money
  • Incorporate Webinar
  • Business Credit Webinar
  • Call- in-days with Scott Letourneau

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