Simple Things Can Lead To Your Success

In today’s tight economic environment, consumer confidence is low, credit is hard to come by and the debts of many small business owners soar higher and higher. Instead of searching for the next fancy “push button” solution to bring in cash flow consider the simple things you can do on a daily basis for success.

Return phone calls within a 24-hour period. If you are not able to return a call, send an e-mail to let them know that you have received the call and you will get back to them tomorrow. I have to confess, as many of you know; I am working on this one myself. The same goes with important e-mails. Now, I am not a fan of allowing yourself to be interrupted every 5 minutes by calls and e-mails. If you are always available, what message is that sending? Can you pick up the phone and get Trump on the phone (unplanned)? Almost never. Ask for help. Most people want to help, ask nicely and don’t beg. You can be honest and say, I am having challenges, and what do you recommend? Be prepared because you may not like their suggestions.

Not enough time? I would like to use that excuse! I have three kids in school, my wife has a career, my business is very involved….yet I am so excited that after 14 years of marriage we are taking the TV out of the bedroom! I am guilty of watching it too much. It may be from 10:30 to midnight, but it’s still a waste of time. This will free up more time and energy.

What can you do to free up more time? What time wasters get in your way? Perhaps it is a matter of taking 4 hours over the next couple of weekends and organizing your home and office. Say please and thank you. Sounds simple, but how many forget to do so or sincerely mean it?

Do you ask for referrals? Do you forget? Why? Perhaps you don’t want to hear the reason why someone doesn’t want to refer business to you? That is a key component to know. Is there a misconception about your product or service? There may be something you can shift in the marketing or sales process to add more value. For many, it is simply a result of not asking, not creating a habit like brushing your teeth, on a daily basis.

Do you work ON your business? Do you spend time on a weekly basis to improve your system, product or service? Or, do you only work IN your business. Do you even have a business? Dan Kennedy says there is no such thing as a speaking business. Why? There is no revenue produced without your efforts and he calls it high paid manual labor. I think he is right.

Do you talk to your clients and ask them what can be improved with your product or service? Do you have a system to evaluate and measure your staff or outsourced labor (which may be your spouse)? Do you just wing it or do you really look at statistics in your business? How can you improve if you are guessing at
what is not working?

Here is a summary of simple things that can lead to your success:

· Say please and thank you and mean it.
· Return phone calls and e-mails.
· Ask for referrals consistently.
· Improve your system and business (work ON it, not only IN it).
· Ask for help.
· Avoid time wasters.
· Be grateful

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