Secrets Of Merchant Account Cash Advance Lending

Want to know how Merchant Account Cash Advance Lending really works?

You must work with the right company when utilizing a merchant account cash advance!

On a good month, the money is paid back a little bit faster. But in a slower month, it will be paid back a little bit slower.

You will be required to switch to a designated credit card processor prior to being funded. This is for the benefit of the customer, because when lending money out and buying people’s receivables, a very important part is how fast can the money get to the customer when they’re doing their business again?

There is an additional delay by setting up a lockbox, which can be done in some circumstances if somebody’s tied to it, but the faster I can get the money, the less money I have to give that merchant to have the same impact on their business. If there is 3-day delay on somebody and they have $100,000, I could have given that same merchant $90,000 and would have the same impact on their company.

Merchants who submit the merchant information form, the last 12 months of credit card statements can be approved and funded in 5 to 7 business days.

The automatic repayment method of the merchant’s daily Visa/MasterCard receipts really streamlines the repayment process. It really assists in those bad months.

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