Products For Successful Businesses

Products For Successful Businesses

Nevada Incorporating Secrets

Click To See Larger Image“Nevada Incorporating Secrets” — 2-CD Set

Nevada, Delaware, or your home state?? Tired of the confusion and conflicts? Once and for all, you’ll understand the ONE HUGE benefit Nevada offers, and how it can keep you from being financially paralyzed! (P.S. — Our competition really hopes you never read this information. When the truth gets out, it will put them out of business!) $97.00

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Top 20 Costly Mistakes Made Before and After Incorporating

Click To See Larger Image“Top 20 Costly Mistakes Made Before and After Incorporating” — CD

The bad news first: You have a 90% likelihood of flunking my 20-question Entity Structuring Business IQ Test. The good news: Never again can or will your professionals or any website “snow” you when it comes to protecting your business and wealth! $97.00

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Separate Your Personal and Real Estate Business Credit — Teleseminar

Click To See Larger Image“Separate Your Personal and Real Estate Business Credit” Teleseminar — CD — and Transcripts

Unfortunately for most of you, if you formed an LLC for your real estate flipping business, you have already ruined your business credit profile. Discover what you must do moving forward to maximize your ability to get the best loans, lines of credit and terms with all vendors, and protect your personal credit in the process. This is not a SHOULD. it’s an absolute MUST! Even if you are not in the real estate business you will find this CD valuable when it comes to helping you understand the importance of developing business credit for your business! $97.00

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Strategies to Incorporate Your Business, Build Business Credit and Keep the IRS Off Your Back!

Click To See Larger Image“Strategies to Incorporate Your Business, Build Business Credit and Keep the IRS Off Your Back!” — CD — and Transcripts

Discover what you must know before you incorporate or form an LLC for your business! What is the best entity for you business? Which state is best? Learn the steps to maximize the cash flow for your business and how to run your business like a business, not a hobby! You will learn dozens of distinctions on this strategy-packed 60-minute CD! $97.00

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The Insider Secrets of Business Credit!

Click To See Larger Image“The Insider Secrets of Business Credit!” — CD — and Transcripts

Could Your Business Use a Business Line of Credit (not trade credit) of up to $100,000? Would That Cash Infusion Provide the Marketing Dollars to Propel Your Business to the Next Level? For the FIRST TIME EVER, find out how your business may qualify for Business Lines of Credit BEFORE filling out an application! $197.00

On this important CD you’ll learn:

  1. The difference between personal and business credit. (Both are very important, but have very different requirements.)
  2. Personal credit score targets and score factors that you should evaluate. Even a high personal score may not necessarily qualify you for credit.
  3. How your business’ gross revenue comes into play. (How is that formula affected if you’re still in your first year of business?)
  4. How the LSC score affects your ability to get lines of credit. What is the minimum LSC score required by the bank?
  5. How your personal credit score influences the bank’s decision to give you a line of credit.
  6. Requirement differences between a business credit card, a business line of credit and a business loan.
  7. Which credit agencies the banks use to evaluate your business. (It is not what you think!)
  8. The magic dollar amount that you MUST be under when applying for a business line of credit!
  9. The time frame for receiving your line of credit.
  10. What are your options if you do not qualify?
  11. Plus, you’ll learn all about NCP’s turnkey services and steps to maximize the money you receive to market your business!
  12. And much, much, more…

Never before has the entire picture been presented in one place, all at one time. You may have heard bits and pieces, but this is the inside track to what the bank requires before you get a dime!

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Tax Saving Materials

Click To See Larger PictureDiscover how to legally, morally and ethically cut your taxes in half…all backed by IRC!

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Sandy Botkin Tax Saving Materials and Diary Systems – Learn how to increase your business deductions by as much as 50%.

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Pete Droubay Sales Training Course

Small business package $1,995

– 30 modules on video for the Mega Sales Professional Sales Training Course.
– Seven participant manuals.
– A facilitator’s guide.
– Site license.for the Mega Sales Professional Sales Training Series.
– Five (5) participant kits

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Individual sales person package $795

Mega Sales Professional Sales Training Series 30 comprehensive training modules on video (over 24 hours of training) covering topics ranging from personal productivity, marketing and lead generation, appointment setting skills, schedule and territory management, sales skills, presentation skills, negotiating skills, and much more! Comes with a comprehensive, 400-page course manual, six audio CD’s for review and an incredible 300% return on investment guarantee.

(Does not include facilitator’s guide, site license and 4 other manuals of the small business package)

About The Author: Scott Letourneau is the CEO of Fast Business Credit, Inc. When it comes to securing cash and vendor lines of credit and avoiding costly mistakes his company is the authority. For further assistance regarding the development of business credit go to or call FBC at 1-888-313-6333 or 702-977-5246.