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Need more clients for your small business? Are you a small business owner who…Is just starting your business and doesn’t know where to begin with marketing? Has been in business awhile, but your marketing efforts have not been very successful? Operates a successful small business, but now wants to take your business to the next level? Jeanna Pool, founder of Catalyst Creative, Inc. helps small business owners who are really good at what they do, but struggle to attract enough clients consistently. Scott Letourneau conducted a teleseminar for Jeanna Pool’s Catalyst members on how to establish fast start to profits.

Lead and Body

Las Vegas, NV (April 2009) – Scott Letourneau, CEO of Fast Business Credit Inc., conducted a teleseminar for Jeanna Pool’s Catalyst Creative Inc. members.

“I work with my clients via award-winning graphic design, exceptional marketing strategies and client-attracting websites,” said Pool. “If you’re really good at what you do, but struggle with marketing your services I can help you.”

Pool helps small businesses achieve the following: Get more prospects to call you first, without you having to chase after them. Get real results from all of your marketing activities, rather than very little or no response. Get clients on a consistent basis month-after-month, rather than your client load being a roller-coaster of inconsistency. Get you pointed in the right direction to take your new or successful business to the next level of growth and profitability.

“At Nevada Corporate Planners, our mission is to help companies succeed and entrepreneurs achieve their goals,” said Letourneau. “It was my pleasure to conduct the teleseminar with Jeanna’s members to provide them with support to reach the heights of business success.”

Scott Letourneau is an international expert when it comes to helping business owners get off to a fast start to profitability. He has helped over 5,000 business owners incorporate and develop the resources to obtain capital. His Top 5% Club is designed to help entrepreneurs be in that top five percent that is still in business, successful and profitable after five years.

About Fast Business Credit, Inc.

Seven years ago, Scott Letourneau founded Fast Business Credit, Inc. (www.fastbusinesscredit.com). He is also a busy lecturer, consultant and author. He is recognized nationally and internationally as a leading expert in helping business owners incorporate their business and get off to a fast start. He is a contributing author to Start Your Own Information Marketing Business by Entrepreneur Magazine.


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