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A Coaching System That Delivers Financial Creditability!

Our Business Credit Development Coaching System™ has been developed to help business owners establish and grow a business credit in order to secure new funding opportunities for your business.

5 Reasons Why Every Business Owner Needs Business Credit!

#1 Access to funding and managing cash flow is the single biggest concern for business owners. By establishing and building a Business Credit Asset™, businesses can access new funding sources to ensure positive cash flow.

#2 Secure new financing options. A strong business credit file can be the difference between receiving funds or not. Approval for most small business loan decisions under $90,000 happens automatically, often relying on one thing – your business credit file and score.

#3 Get the best credit terms. Your business credit score will likely result in better credit card and loan interest rates. For businesses with weak credit scores, banks and lending institutions may increase loan interest rates from 7%-12% and credit card interest rates from 8% to 18%.

#4 Reduce your expenses. Building a business Credit Asset can improve cash flow by reducing:
• Financing Costs
• Insurance Premiums
• Rental Terms
• Credit Card Rates
• Vendor and Supplier Terms

#5 Peace of mind. Protect your personal assets and reduce your personal liability by creating a separate corporate entity and business credit. Establishing your business credit asset only strengthens this liability protection.

Why You Need a Business Credit Funding Partner!

One weakness most business owners share is a lack of funding expertise. There are a lot of banks and brokers, but few companies who partner with you to educate and support you in the development of funding strategies that help you survive and thrive as a business owner. We want to be that indispensable partner for all business owners – whether you are just starting out or growing.

A Program Designed For You

If you are starting a business
There is no better time to build business credit than when you are starting a business. We ensure your business is in compliance with lending guidelines and structured to reduce personal liability. Apply every dollar you invest into your business to build a powerhouse Business Credit Asset™. With our program you will receive start-up funding faster then any other option available.

If you are a business owner with damaged or weak personal credit
We understand the challenge of funding a business with damaged personal credit. Over 92% of small business funding comes from personal credit. Having helped thousands of business owners separate their personal credit from a new and clean business credit score, our proven program will allow your business to grow without being encumbered by your personal credit history. The process takes time, but the outcome is guaranteed.

If you own a business but need more growth funding
Healthy businesses need capital to grow and expand. Almost all business owners will reach a point where their personal credit is insufficient to meet the business’s financial needs. The reason is simple, your personal credit is not unlimited, and is encumbered by both your personal and business debt. Your business credit asset can grow as fast as your business grows; your business credit becomes a vital asset to meeting the financial needs of your business.

Our Credentials

Your Corporate Credit Consultants is the leader in educating, coaching and supporting small businesses ability to access funding solutions based on commercial credit lending. Our Business Credit Development Coaching System™ has been perfected over several years and has supported nearly 50,000 businesses in building funding solutions based on commercial credit opportunities. Our mission is to enable business owners to achieve their goals by enabling them to build a Business Credit Asset that result in predictable access to funding for their business.

Building Your Credit Through Our Program

• Accelerate the process of building business credit
• Build a Business Credit Asset and acquire new funding
• Strengthen business credit score within 120 days
• Save out-of-pocket expenses with easy credit file purchase
• Establish relationships with trade credit vendors
• Gain access to cash while building your business credit asset
• Take advantage of loan options with no personal guarantee required
• Receive personalized funding options and credit consulting
• Faster progress and more accurate result with motivated coaches

The Business Credit Development Coaching System™

• Easy-to-use, Intuitive user interface
• Proven, step-by-step business credit building system
• Certified Personal Business Credit Coaches trained in business credit compliance, development system and funding optimization
• Credit score and trade credit history monitoring
• Credit file setup and data feed with Experian, Equifax and D&B
• Discounted D&B credit file set-up
• Access to a network of over 2,500 different lenders
• Up to 18 pre-qualified funding options
• Business loans up to $300,000, based on bank account volume
• Exclusive Credit Card offer not requiring a personal guarantee
• Direct access to 7851 National Credit Union Association offering “Federal Business Recovery Funds”

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Anyone who operates a business, alone or with others, may incorporate. Under the right circumstances, the owner of any size business can benefit!

One main reason you may have incorporated or formed an LLC was to separate your business assets from your personal assets. If you need to incorporate your business, we can help!