Make Sure You Run Your Business Like A Business (NOT A Hobby)…

Finally….A “Step-by Step” System to Help Keep the IRS OFF YOUR BACK, Make Sure You Run Your Business Like a Business (NOT a Hobby)….

And Reduce the Likelihood that You May be Part of the $300 Billion Tax Gap and Audit Potential!

In fact, within an hour per week you will have up to date records for your business*, know your profit and loss on a monthly basis and have the proper tax and bookkeeping tool to make better business decisions with….

NCP’s Annual Tax and Bookkeeping
Business Success System™
“The system designed to skyrocket your success!”

Dear Entrepreneur,

As you know 80-95% of business owners fail within five years, only 50% make it past year one. The number one reason for business failure is lack of cash flow. There are many reasons for that, marketing, sales, capitalization….one big reason is the lack of the properly financial system to keep track of your business.

…The Worst Approach is Using Your Online Banking Account Balance as Your Primary Measuring and Decision Making Tool for Your Business.

What is the Number #1 Reason the IRS Goes After Distributors (or home based business, networking or MLM)….??

The Lack of Financial Analytical Records (Like QuickBooks®)

Worse Yet….Is Your Business a Hobby (if You Are, NO Business Write Offs for You), or a Business?

Most people enjoy a hobby — golf, tennis, cooking — and while they’ll spend money on those activities, they’re not a business. Yet when most people join a business opportunity or start a business, though they don’t consider it a hobby, that’s often actually what they create because they don’t know the rules of the game.

But they have a problem: The IRS is getting much tougher on this subject. The number one reason the IRS goes after business owners is the failure to use proper analytical records. You’d be well advised to use software like QuickBooks® to determine how your business is really operating — to update your gross revenue, cost of goods sold, and income.

The biggest mistake we see new business owners make is using their online bank balance as their only business financial barometer. First, that’s the wrong way to make financial decisions. Second, it sends the IRS a very clear message: you are NOT serious about your business. This single mistake may cause the IRS to consider your business as a hobby. If they do, you cannot write off your hobby’s losses against your earned income — and that kills one of the biggest reasons to start a business in the first place.

You Already Have a CPA?

Many of our clients have their own CPA as well. There still is a certain amount of data input that inevitably must be handled in-house before the CPA sees it. Our clients find our services invaluable in working with their CPA, because we help them make sure that their books are set up properly (something few, if any CPAs do.) We then support them through the first year to keep everything on track and get their systems flowing smoothly so they can seamlessly hand over their reports to their CPAs. (Remember, your CPA’s work can only be as accurate as the info you give to him or her.) Our clients are confident that the numbers they give to their CPA at tax time are accurate and properly tracked.

Have You Update Your Financial Records Yet in Your Business?
Now is the Time to Get Started….

Especially if Cash Flow is Tight…
Otherwise How Can You Afford to be Off on YOUR Numbers?

Here is what You Will Receive with this Powerful Program Our Annual Tax and Bookkeeping Business Success System:

You will receive Quickbooks® Pro in the mail to set up on your computer system.

Our CPA firm will contact you to make an appointment for a personal consultation to set up your Chart of Accounts on QuickBooks. They’ll help you set everything up correctly from the get-go, which will help you avoid costly mistakes — only one of which can literally put you out of business in the first six months.

For example, the “Income,” “Cost of Goods Sold” and “Expenses” categories must be clearly defined and properly distinguished from each other. You do NOT want “Expenses” in “Cost of Goods Sold,” or vice versa. This very common mistake will give you bad information on your gross and net profits – the bottom line when it’s time to pay yourself and others. (I’m sure you can imagine what a cash crisis one error here can put you in! We’re here to ensure that you never have to deal with that disaster.)

Videos online showing you step by step how to do everything from load your QuickBooks® software, to enter revenue, reconcile your bank account to setting up your budget! There are 16 videos in total to make it so easy for you to revisit the steps to complete your books!

Here is a screen shot of the 16 Videos each 5-8 minutes long to support you step by step, even after your training with our CPA firm!

TWO POWERFUL Fast Start Teleseminars will explain the significance of accounting, plus how to stay on track with budget/cash flow. These recorded calls will help explain the precise steps to take, and importance of one of the most powerful tools to keep your business on track!

These Teleseminars are Online and are Easy to Listen to
Plus You have May Download Transcripts!

A Budget and Cash Flow Statement in the form of an Excel spreadsheet allows you to auto-fill your sales and expenses numbers for the year. This will help you manage your money and stay on target as your sales fluctuate, keeping you in a better position to make important business decisions — a must for all new businesses.

One semiannual update/review by our CPA firm will be scheduled when you contact us after six months so you can get answers to each and every question you may have.

Four Hours of Tax Consulting will be available to you, which you may use at any time during the program. You may need help with payroll, taxes, depreciation, capitalization, or perhaps interpretation of your profit and loss, or support with your cash flow forecast. Other common areas of support include:

  1. Guidance with setting up payroll – Although we don’t maintain your payroll for you, we advise you on the steps involved in setting up your system. (For long-term support, we recommend use of payroll services.)
  2. Guidance with entering your revenue into and paying bills through QuickBooks. We help keep you on track, ensuring that you enter all your revenue and pay bills correctly, optimizing your use of this software.
  3. Guidance with quarterly 941 (1/2 payroll taxed to the IRS. Annually = 940).

Bonus: Referral to a Quality Payroll Company Sadly, many businesses are caught by surprise by the detailed and seemingly-obscure demands of this critical area of their finances. Don’t do payroll yourself. NCP has negotiated the best rate in payroll services for you through our group buying power. We pass the savings on to you!

New- Your Federal 1120S Tax Return Filed! Our CPA firm will file your Federal 1120S tax return for one year. If a state tax return is required that is separate.

You will Receive These Five Bonus CDs as Special Bonus Gifts!

Free Bonus Gift #1: A special CD interview with top Tax Attorney/CPA Sandy Botkin, on how to lower your taxes by maximizing your meals, travel and entertainment expenses! Discover the #1 belief system that causes tax payers to overpay their taxes! This is a powerful in depth interview that I conducted that is a must to learn ways to put more money in your pocket!

Free Bonus Gift #2: A powerful CD where you will learn what is involved in payroll, the process, reporting requirements to the IRS and how to simply use this complex system! This is a very important subject where we see costly mistakes made all the time! I interviewed Joseph Anderson, a district manager with ADP, a national payroll company and uncover the do’s and don’t of payroll for your business!

Free Bonus Gift #3: Annual Tax & Bookkeeping Fast Start Teleseminar on CD This informative interview by Scott Letourneau, CEO of NCP with Brad Watts, CPA of Watts Business Services, Inc. will help you better understand how to use Quickbooks to help manage your business!

Free Bonus Gift #4: A Budget and Cash Flow Statement Teleseminar on CD This interview is a must for every business owner. You must understand the power of a budget and a cash flow statement to receive the non-emotional feedback to how your business is really doing! Scott Letourneau, CEO of NCP interviews Brad Watts, CPA of Watts Business Services, Inc.

Free Bonus Gift #5: Scott Letourneau, CEO and Brad Watts, CPA with a Quickbooks® question and answer session to help you get off to a fast start!

Total Value of This Five CD Set………………………….………………………$379 Value!

Take the next step and call NCP at 1-888-627-7007 and register (or ask questions) for the Annual Tax and Bookkeeping Success System and Keep the IRS Off Your Back!

The Annual Tax and Bookkeeping Program Investment
is Only $2,595.00!

Is your start-up money tight? Most businesses are in the same boat. But it’s essential to have accurate numbers at your fingertips to stay in business. Remember, the top reason most companies go under in their first five years is lack of cash flow, and most fall into that trap for one reason – bad financial information and feedback!

Dedicated to Your Success,

Scott Letourneau

P.S. Within 30 days you will have a road map for the entire first year of your business! Use this powerful program as a tool to help get your business off to a fast start!

P.P.S. This program will keep you squarely in control of where your business finances are, and allow you more time to work on what you do best — bring in revenue for your business! If you’re serious about making money — and you recognize the fact that “the numbers don’t lie” — then this program is a must!

Here is the Process After You Register:

  1. We would answer any final questions and get you started!
  2. We will send you Quickbooks® Pro software in the mail to you.
  3. You will receive an email with the special web page with all the recorded Videos on it plus teleseminars to help you get off to a fast start.
  4. We will contact our CPA firm will call you to review the set up of your company.
  5. We would recommend you watch the video on installing QuickBooks after you receive it and be in a better position to maximize your first appointment with the CPA firm.
  6. During you year you can ask questions to the CPA firm (4 hours in Total).
  7. Your bonuses CDs will be shipped to you!
  8. Our CPA firm will contact you around the beginning of 2011 to file the Federal Tax Return!

About The Author: Scott Letourneau is the CEO of Fast Business Credit, Inc. When it comes to securing cash and vendor lines of credit and avoiding costly mistakes his company is the authority. For further assistance regarding the development of business credit go to or call FBC at 1-888-313-6333 or 702-977-5246.