Important D & B® Updates

D & B® has updated Financial Stress Score (FSS) and Supplier Evaluation Score (SER) will be available in all D & B® information delivery systems. The updated FSS and SER scores now use additional elements to predict the likelihood of business failure or default, making it 26% more predictive than the previous Financial Stress Score model.

The new scoring model normalizes the distribution of companies across the Risk Classes. Therefore, a Risk Class score of “3” now represents a median risk assessment where “1” was the median assessment with the previous score model.

As you can read, there is much more to a D & B® score than just the Paydex score. In today’s financial world, the D & B® profile on your company is a key component for banks to determine if they will lend you money, whether or not vendors will work with you and other important financial decisions.

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