IMPORTANT BUSINESS CREDIT WEBINAR-Does your business need capital…

Does your business need CAPITAL or CREDITABILITY? Or maybe both.

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I don’t have to tell you that banking, financing and lending has changed dramatically over the last 12 months.

Did you know that the business credit bureaus have the power (without your knowledge) to evaluate your business which can lead to JV success or failure? Much less determine your ability to secure future financing?

To win any business credit game you must know the rules of the game.

I will be conducting my most updated webinar to share with you EXACTLY how your business may qualify for lines of credit, credit cards, equipment financing, working capital to grow (and all the stuff –really crap- that does not work-and there is a lot of it out there).

Are you getting other companies to promote your business? Are you losing bids, jobs and clients?  Did you consider the following may be a major reason for that…

How does your business appears to other JV partners? Does your business appear CREDITABLE or FINANCIALLY NAKED?

Most business I have found, even if they have been in business for 5,7, 10 years or longer, are still FINANCIALLY NAKED according to the business credit bureaus.

On this newly updated webinar, I will give you the resources, solutions and what is possible for your business (no magic dust here) just straight facts!

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Even if you business is doing very well…the time to build your credibility with larger companies and organizations is when things are going well…not when it is too late.

If your business has suffered or is barely hanging on, understanding what your options REALLY ARE…not the B.S. claims all over the internet… is the best option to help you move forward.
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