How You Can Avoid Costly Mistakes When Developing Business Credit!

I’ve seen mistakes made by hopeful, yet sadly uninformed individuals over the years.

Here are a few more secrets to give you the ability to avoid common mistakes. When it comes to developing business credit you need every secret you can get.

Avoid Costly Mistakes when Developing Business Credit!

What are some of the other mistakes business owners make if they were going to do it themselves,
in regards to a business license, phone number, and some of those things that they don’t know about?

If you’re not listed in 411,
then that business number is unverifiable. A lot of people we deal
with say they don’t have to be listed in 411. They don’t need that. If you’re not listed in 411.

Is your address on your business license is different than the address with the Secretary of
, if your officers don’t match what they call the company representative and ask them who those officers are.

Sometimes if you don’t have a website, they’ll note that.

Business ownership, if they have more than one answer to a question come from either businesses,
a licensing department, state, company representative, or public information, a negative comment will be put on that credit file.

There’s a number of things that people can do before they go to Dun and Bradstreet, to make sure that they’re in corporate compliance and a number of things that they can do not properly that will get a negative comment put on that file.

D & B Secret!

Even if You Have Been in Business for Six Years Your Company May Have NO Profile with D & B!
They’ve paid all their bills on time. They still may not have any type of business credit file developed.

The main reason is that they have vendors that do NOT report their good payment activity to D & B. Most business owners think since they pay their bills on time that is enough and vendors report.

That is NOT what happens.

Think about it. All the vendors that own you money do you take the time, labor and effort to report to D & B? Probably not!

About The Author: Scott Letourneau is the CEO of Fast Business Credit, Inc. When it comes to securing cash and vendor lines of credit and avoiding costly mistakes his company is the authority. For further assistance regarding the development of business credit go to or call FBC at 1-888-313-6333 or 702-977-5246.