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The above logos are samples of some of the companies that we use to build vendor credit through our Ultimate Business Credit Builder System.
All trademarks displayed are trademarks of the respective companies above and no affiliation is claimed.

Complete a Compliance Review. Before business credit is built on a business it is a must to complete a company compliance review within the business credit bureaus. If you build business credit with vendors without your company being in compliance it may be “red flagged” by the business credit bureaus and they are very difficult to change or update. There are several factors that come into play to determine if your business is in compliance and ready to build the business credit files with D&B®, Corporate Experian® and Corporate Equifax®. Some of the steps that are checked include, does your business have a separate phone number with a 411 listing, a local business license, a real email and business address? Once your business is in compliance the business is ready for the next step!
Start Getting Approvals for Funding.Access to as many as 15 different lending options as your company is pre-qualified. Your company may only qualify for 2 of the 15 different options after the compliance review if you have a low personal credit score. As you improve personally and at a business level, you will qualify for more options. The options available to you are based upon the 4 C’s of credit; Credit (personal), Credit (business), Collateral and Cash Flow. The stronger your personal credit score, the stronger the business credit profile, the more collateral the business has and the stronger your cash flow, all equate to more lending options available to your business.Here are some of the areas your business may be qualified for immediate funding:
  • Accounts Receivable Financing
  • Business Revenue Lending
  • Equipment Financing
  • EquipmentSaleLeaseback
  • Merchant Card Advance
  • Retirement Plan Business Financing
  • SBA Community Express
  • Unsecured Business Financing


Once you are pre-approved on our platform, your application will be auto-filled with most of your information. Next, you will submit it through our online platform and you will then speak to one of our Funding Advisors. Their goal is to speak to you and conduct a Business Analysis Meeting to go into more detail to determine (before final submission of your application) if your company is likely to get accepted or if there a better option for your business. This is like having your own personal funding coach to guide you to success!

Build Business Credit Profiles. Once compliance is established, then an actual business credit file is created. The file establishes a unique profile with D&B®, Corporate Experian® and Corporate Equifax® to facilitate the tracking of credit history and the development of a business credit score. In the case of D&B®, a PayDex score is the assigned numerical evaluation of a company or organization’s credit-worthiness. Only D & B requires a fee to build a business credit file, that fee is separate. Corporate Experian® and Corporate Equifax® is build once reporting is started.
Build Vendor and Cash Lines of Credit. After a credit file is established, the business has the opportunity to build a credit history by working with credit and financial institutions who report to D&B®. Approximately 10% of all credit and lending institutions report to D&B®, so it’s critical that a business owner is properly guided through building a business credit history that maximizes access to credit and lending – while creating the strongest credit score possible.
The business credit score is analogous to a personal credit score except for one fundamental issue — the business credit score is not limited by the personal credit limits that are established for all consumers.