Comprehensive Compliance Review

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  1. A business license.  A business license is an important step for any business. The big question is does YOUR business require a license? In order to get the proper answer you will have to speak to the local authority for your city, county or state. We recommend you do a search in google for “_____(your city name) business license requirements” and “________(your county name) business license requirements” and finally check, “______ (your state name) business license requirements.” We realize that if you are a home based business you may or may not be required to have a business license. Also, you may be required to have a business license but your home owner’s association will not allow you to use your home/apartment address as a business address. You will need to know that up front. When it comes to financing vendors and those who do cash financing will want to lend to a company with a business license. Before you take any steps to build a business credit file you will want to have the business license in place for your business. Here is a great source for a company that provides this service in call 50 states:

[one_half] This company provides a service to obtain the correct business licenses for your company. If you choose to operate without a business license you are taking a big risk – not just by being out of compliance from a business credit point of view, but also by being subject to heavy fines from business license departments or state attorney general offices.

Keep in mind if you do business locally and travel to see clients and generate revenue you may be operating in more than one city or county and need more than one license. Also consider that if your entity operates more than one business, you may require multiple licenses to be in full compliance.

  1. A web site. A business web site is another factor that vendors and lenders check to see if your company looks and feels like a legitimate company. You may be in an industry where a web site is not that important to your business, but we still recommend that you invest some money to have one created for you for business credit purposes. Remember, you want to pass as many tests as possible to make sure your business appears as a “safe” risk for vendors and lenders.

If you need a quick and professional looking web site for your business consider the following options: – This Company provides turnkey web sites but the best part of all is they report your payments to Corporate Experian. This automatically helps you establish a business credit file while establishing a web presence for your business. You can choose to host your website on their servers or you can install your new site with your own hosting provider. The pricing structure is as follows: Pay a one-time price of $300 where they will design and program your website or choose their $49 per month plan where they will handle all the details of creating and operating your website. This company will host your domain and establish your web site with hosting and e-commerce all in one package. Plus you may choose packages that include social media, professional apps and mobile web site optimization from $19.99 per month. This is similar to that is a one stop shop for domain name, web hosting for as little as $6.99 per month.

Another popular approach is to establish a website in WordPress which is a free platform where you may choose free templates for a design. WordPress has mostly been associated to blogs in the past but now because the platform is so search engine friendly many web sites are on this platform. Here are some examples of WordPress web sites:,, Go to to learn more about setting up your own WordPress web site.

Once you establish your web site you must make sure it is in compliance (most web sites are not). We would recommend the product: (only $147 plus it includes many business templates) to help keep your web site in compliance and this service provides fill in the blank templates for your policies that are required by your web site.

You web site should include some basic pages include a home page, about you, product/service page, contact us, privacy policy, terms and conditions, disclaimers, earnings (if this applies) and site map. Don’t just create a one page web site or landing page to call that your business web site. If you have a landing page separately to create a list that is fine, but you must first have a real web site with the key links as described above.

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7 Steps to Our Ultimate Business Credit Building System:

[learn_more caption=”Business Questioner and Evaluation:”]

  • What type of business credit funding will I receive for my business? Cash or vendor lines?
  • How much funding will I receive?
  • How fast will I receive the funding?

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[/learn_more][learn_more caption=”Personal Credit Training”]

  • Personal Credit Repair
  • Comprehensive Budgeting

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[learn_more caption=”Compliance Process”]

  • Separate Legal Entity
  • EIN
  • Initial List Filed
  • Business Address (combine 4 and 5)
  • 411 Listing
  • Local Phone
  • E-mail
  • Business License
  • Web Site
  • Fax Number
  • Business Plan
  • Bank Rating
  • Business Classification Code

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[learn_more caption=”Business Credit Bureaus”]

  • D&B® set up
  • Steps to Report to D&B®, Corporate Experian® and Corporate Equifax®

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[learn_more caption=”Cash Funding and Vendor Lines of Credit”]

  • Funding Specialist
  • Funding Options
  • Starter Vendors & Applications
  • Vendors for Office Supplies, Marketing, Print & Applications
  • Vendors for Building & Industrial Supplies & Applications
  • Revolving Credit Accounts & Applications
  • Revolving Accounts for Office Resources & Supplies
  • Revolving Accounts for Building & Décor Supplies
  • Revolving Accounts with No Personal Guarantee
  • Additional Vendors

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[learn_more caption=”Business Credit Coaching”]

  • Certified Business Credit Coach
  • Contact information & Hours

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  • The 55 Secrets to Secure Business Credit (CA$H) for Your Business AND Keep
  • 100% Ownership of Your Company
  • The 29 Credit Score and Repair Secrets, Plus 10 Bonus Secrets to Save Your Home
  • CEO Scott Letourneau’s “Golden Rolodex” of Business Credit Vendors & Resources
  • Business Credit
  • Triple Overlap
  • Valuation
  • Joint Ventures
  • Raising Money
  • Incorporate Webinar
  • Business Credit Webinar
  • Call- in-days with Scott Letourneau

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