Build Credit On Your Own

Here is what you will receive…


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1. Business Credit Questionnaire & 30-Minute Evaluation


This will help us give you and your business the best feedback during our session and answer these
three important questions about building business credit:

  1. What type of business credit funding will I receive for my business? Cash or vendor lines?
  2. How much funding will I receive?
  3. How fast will I receive the funding?

$197.00 Value


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2. Personal Credit Training

  • You’ll receive the latest updates in what affects your credit score, from late payments, to being over the limit on
    Insider Secrets to Credit Repair MP3 and Transcript

credit cards, too many cards, and medical bills being late. Discover the fastest way to raise your score — and the
fastest way to ruin your score. Learn how to grant your great credit to your kids. Discover what you must know
about applying for credit, and how your credit is affected in the future. Learn the insights from one of the top
credit repair specialists in the United States.

  • Comprehensive Budgeting MP3 and TranscriptComp-BudgetingPkg

Did you know that, for most, repairing credit is like putting a band-aid on a broken limb. Why? If you do not fix

the underlying problem that caused your credit to go bad, the pattern will only repeat. No longer are people able
to simply refinance their house to fix the constant problem of overspending. That game is over. For the first time
in 20 years, people must follow a comprehensive budget. Guess what? Most do not do it, or even know how. I
will interview the expert who has done this for hedge fund managers, CPAs (yes, even CPAs) and other business
owners. You will learn the steps you must take to really understand your monthly numbers and stop the bleeding once and for all.


$197.00 Value





  Business Credit Consultation



  Business Credit Questionnaire and 30 Minute Evaluation

You will discover this valuable feedback after you complete the questionnaire and your 30-minute questionnaire:

  • What type of business credit funding will you receive for your business?
  • Cash or vendor lines?
  • How much funding will you likely receive
  • How fast will you receive the funding?


$197.00 Value


     Personal Credit Training
  • Personal Credit Repair ALL Your Business 
  • Comprehensive Budgeting


$197.00 Value

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                                                                                                                                                                    Total Value: $394.00

Your Investment is Only $197.00

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