Banks Are Not Supporting New Business Owners. Period.

Massive losses have caused their lending requirements to tighten dramatically. Even the SBA with their new programs, still require your business to jump through the banks’ impossible hurdles!


You must learn “THE INSIDER SECRETS OF BUSINESS CREDIT™” There is no magic pill!

The GREAT NEWS: When your business follows a step-by-step SYSTEM, and impliments the proper STRATEGY, your business will get results. In fact, we GUARANTEE IT!


Business Credit Builder is designed to provide businesses with the ability to obtain trade or business credit without the use of a personal guarantee…plus cash lines of credit!
  1. Major Hardware Store Line of Credit – $15,000
  2. Business Gas Card – $1,000
  3. Electronics Store Credit Card – $7,500
  4. Printing Company Line of Credit – $2,000
  5. Cadillac Escalade Lease – $45,000
  6. Computer Equipment Line of Credit – $25,000
  7. Major Department Store Credit Card – $5,000
  8. Business Equipment Lease – $75,000

Do all of the above WITH NO personal guarantees!

You can establish up to $25,000 in credit for your business within months! If your business has been “Red Flagged” by D&B, it’s too late!

About The Author: Scott Letourneau is the CEO of Fast Business Credit, Inc. When it comes to securing cash and vendor lines of credit and avoiding costly mistakes his company is the authority. For further assistance regarding the development of business credit go to or call FBC at 1-888-313-6333 or 702-977-5246.