Advanced Secrets To Automate Your Joint Ventures

Here are some advanced tips to put this on autopilot for your own e-mails.

Include a proactive P.S. in your e-mails that will ask for joint ventures. Here is an example:

P.S. If you’ve got a house list of more than 5,000 business owner e-mail addresses, then you’re eligible to apply for Scott Letourneau’s free Fast Start to Profits™ Teleseminar program. In this program, he’ll give you and your customers, clients or members a free $197.00 teleseminar with valuable, actionable, success producing content (he won’t sell anything — just give you straight content). Apply right now by sending an e-mail to And put “Free Teleseminar Application” in the subject line. WARNING: there may be a wait list due to high demand. Recent Teleseminar Testimonials:

Scott Letourneau is the leading expert in America when it comes to starting your business and knowing how to grow it. He has helped thousands of small business owners thrive and he can help yours perform much better than you ever thought possible.” Jordan Goodman personal finance expert, author of Fast Profits in Hard Times and owner of Many things are happening at one time in the P.S.

1. I am giving a minimum expectation for someone’s list size (5,000 business owners’ e-mails). Without that I may get 5-10 inquires per day with people with no list. Your number may be lower if you are just starting out.

2. I let them know you are “eligible to apply.” That means there is an application process. Not everyone will be accepted.

3. I let them know that their list will receive something of value; $197.00 of value for FREE and I let them know the content is excellent and I won’t be selling (unless you want me too).

4. I give an action step to apply, e-mail me and put “Free Teleseminar Application” in the subject.

5. I let them know demand is high and they may have to wait.

6. Finally, I provide testimonials of other teleseminars I have completed for others (I have many more and I only included one as an example).

Are you the one looking for someone to be interviewed by you. You can have a similar approach in your P.S. but now you are looking for guests to apply. In that situation, here is a powerful e-mail to send out to determine if the guests that are applying are worth your time or not.

Here is a great example from Mike Lorence, a top marketer: Notice many important steps in this e-mail follow up:

1. Lets you know you have taken the first step (meaning there is more than just one step).

2. You will do an exploratory interview to see if you are a fit (or not) with the host.

3. Gives you action steps to see if you can at least follow instructions and take action.

4. You will receive an agenda for the interview. It’s not just ‘off the cuff’ and you better be prepared!

5. You will receive a couple of sample interviews to see the quality of work that is expected.

Doesn’t this put this entire process of looking for JV opportunities at a whole new level? Now you are in total control, you look and sound professional and you will avoid wasting a lot of time with people who are not appropriate for you.

The key is to be proactive when it comes to joint ventures. I would also recommend you schedule on your calendar each week one hour to work on acquiring more joint venture opportunities for you and your company.

Greetings Scott:
You’ve taken your first step in applying to be interviewed on Mr. Lorence’s closed door, restricted access “Interview With a Guru” program.

The purpose of this message is for you to put yourself on Mr. Lorence’s calendar in order to conduct the “See If You’re Fit” exploratory teleconference. The purpose of the exploratory telecom is to assess your fitness, and if appropriate, schedule your “Interview With A Guru” call.

The next step is to get on Mike’s calendar so that he can do a quick exploratory phone interview to assess your fitness. Please do these steps immediately to get on Mr. Lorence’s calendar.

Step A. Click this link right now to get access to Mike’s online calendar

Step B. Click the button that says “organize a meeting with Mike.”

Step C . Select “30 minutes” in duration.

Step D . Choose a date and time during the next calendar week (not this week) between 7:30 pm and 10:00 pm CST (8:30 pm and 11:00 pm EST) for our exploratory interview by left clicking anywhere on the calendar. (Note: I only do these exploratory interviews at night).

Step E : Click “Step 2. Meeting details.” And fill in the subject. Make the subject be “Prospective IWG Exploratory Call”

Step F : In the message section, put your name, and the number of small business owners on your house list, and your cell phone # where he’ll call you.

Step G : Finally click ‘Send Invitation.’ Once a meeting is scheduled, you’ll receive a Word document with the agenda for the exploratory interview. Mr. Lorence viciously guards his time; and he found it most effective to use a simple agenda for this initial interview.

Lastly, here are two sample interviews that Mr. Lorence did with Nick Nanton, a small business branding expert, and Diane Conklin a direct mail expert.

Click here now to hear Nick Nanton’s interview and to hear Diane Conklin’s interview.

LeeAnn Holmberg
Office Manager
Small Business Blackbelts

About The Author: Scott Letourneau is the CEO of Fast Business Credit, Inc. When it comes to securing cash and vendor lines of credit and avoiding costly mistakes his company is the authority. For further assistance regarding the development of business credit go to or call FBC at 1-888-313-6333 or 702-977-5246.