Why Us

Scott Letourneau Founder of Fast Business Credit Inc.

Could Your Dream Be At Risk?

Most new business owners take the #1 risk of self-financing their business instead of using OPM (other people’s money) they never knew they had access to. On the other hand, make just one business credit mistake and it can cost you a lot more time and money to fix it than it does to update or correct a personal credit file.

We have found that most businesses do not manage their cash flow and do not understand how the business credit bureaus work. You may have a great handle on how personal credit works and understand the importance of it in your personal life. When you were 17 and getting your first credit card with a $500 limit, it may have taken years of good payment history to build up your personal credit limits.

Forming a new entity for your business is just like being 17 again. The difference is that there are really no rules on how the big three business credit bureaus (Dun & Bradstreet®, Corporate Experian® and Corporate Equifax®) manage the business credit of your business.

What We Do At Fast Business Credit

My name is Scott Letourneau and I am the founder of Fast Business Credit. Since 1997 my first company, Nevada Corporate Planners, has helped thousands of entrepreneurs to beat the odds and be a part of the top 5% that succeed after 5 years (vs. the 95% that fail). I have seen many fail and the most common reason is lack of cash flow, funding and financing.

My goal is to help entrepreneurs start off their business on a solid foundation which includes the best entity and state to protect their business from lawsuits and taxes. The next hurdle for entrepreneurs is getting the funding to grow their business, and that’s where we come in.


The time to go to the banks is BEFORE you need the money. by George Ross, Attorney for Donald Trump 


The time to go to the banks is BEFORE you need the money.

George Ross with Scott Letourneau, CEO of Fast Business Credit, Inc.

How We’re Different

Since 2003, Fast Business Credit has continuously improved the systems we use to help you establish good business credit faster. Here are just a few key approaches that set us apart from anyone else:

1.Why we are different: We tell you up front what results your business is likely to achieve. It is not cookie cutter. A company that has been in business for three years and has $2 million in annual revenue they will get a larger amount of initial credit versus someone who is brand new with no revenue. We can help both business owners, but results will vary based on specifics. In other words, you can avoid a lot of over-promising, B.S. and false claims by others when you call Fast Business Credit, Inc.

2.Why we are fast: Your business will go through a complete diagnostic compliance review BEFORE we start building any business credit for your business. This happens through our online platform. If your business is NOT in compliance (you may be surprised by the areas that may cause you NOT to be in compliance, simple things like lack of an 800 number or a free email address).

Next, you will be in a position for your business to be immediately reviewed for funding options. You do not have to wait months to build up your business credit vendor lines first. You will find out immediately after you complete our compliance check if your business is pre-qualified for any funding options. This happens AUTOMATICALLY in minutes after your information is complete!

Next, you will have access to our FUNDING ADVISORS who will help you save time and avoid costly mistakes to determine which one of the funding options are best for your business! Most people get started building business credit with other programs and drop off quickly…and the #1 reason? Simple – they forget about the program because they are too busy running their company. Six to twelve months slide by and they have no business credit built.

Here is why that will NEVER happen with Fast Business Credit. Our certified business credit coaches will CALL YOU EVERY 13 DAYS whether you want them to or not. We FOLLOW UP (I know – what a concept). In fact, our certified coaches are incentivized to help you complete the business credit building process. How many times in the past have you invested in coaching or mentoring programs and forgot you even had them? Again that will not happen here. This all adds up to your business getting access to more business credit FASTER (without those ridiculous claims of $250K of unsecured credit within 30 days).

3.How we go the extra mile: Our belief is that the better you understand the process and how to build business credit, the faster you will get through the program. We have made that EASY for you. You will receive all the training you need to bring you up to speed FAST! If you want to learn more about vendor business credit, merchant account cash advances, raising your personal credit score in a short period of time, you get ALL that training with our program (even the rules to raise money through investors).

Scott Letourneau Founder of Fast Business Credit and Nevada Corporate Planners Inc.

More Knowledge Gets You Better, Faster Business Credit

We know you are going to want to review the fundamentals of building business credit and how your business should be structured. No other company offers you the information advantage you get with Fast Business Credit:

  • TWO powerful webinars each month on business credit and business structure.
  • FREE access to speak to me one-on-one about your business each month for 12 months.
  • Access to bonus multi-media materials and online articles on running a profitable business.
  • A realistic FREE evaluation of the business results you can expect. No over-promising.

You will definitely want to take advantage of these opportunities! I invite you to call Fast Business Credit today at 1-888-313-6333 to schedule your free, no-obligation business credit evaluation. We will help you determine how fundable your business is. We will tell you up front if you are not likely to get the results your business needs – we give you the real story on how to get real results.