Business Credit Builder

The Best Membership Site and Certified Coaching System to Help Your Business Develop

A Powerful Business Credit Asset™ Fast!


When you get started with Fast Business Credit, Inc. you will work with our certified business credit coaches. They will support you for 12 months as you work through our Fast Business Credit Membership Site. The Fast Business Credit membership site is dedicated to education and coaching for the development of business credit assets. Our training incorporates years of experience in business credit and is backed by a world-class information and strategy. With a highly intuitive membership site,  business users work with a certified coach to lead, track and accelerate the stages of creating a business credit asset fast.

This is the only membership site that has invested in the development of a database that accelerates business credit building. The Fast Business Credit membership site  is critical and powerful step-by-step process that enables us to target the financial institutions that are going to expedite clients through the creation and building of their business credit history fast.

Getting Started


You will be working with our team of certified business credit coaches that will guide you through the business credit building process. Through an innovative membership site and training you are able to review the overall program, identify where you are in the process and the necessary next steps.

After logging in you will be taken to your membership area.  You will go step-by-step through the process to build business credit fast. 

For each step, you will  have access to the needed explanations that will help you complete the necessary actions to move closer to success.

In addition, you can order a full report or sign up for business credit monitoring so you are always in the know on your score.

When a business first signs up, they are shown whether or not their company already has an open profile with the credit reporting agencies.

Six Steps to Stronger Scores


The Fast Business Credit System is based on specific steps that have proven successful in strengthening business credit scores.

The entire program and membership site is build in a step-by-step format that guides you through the next step in the process. To ensure that you stay on the path to success, the membership site recommends that you do not jump around or skip steps.

All through the process you will work with our team of certified business credit coaches. Upon completing each of the steps, you will be ready for the next step in the process.

Our certified business credit coach will follow up with you proactively to make sure you are moving through the membership site and accomplishing your goals.  We know how busy you can get in your business and before you know it 6 months may slip by. Our goal is to follow up with you consistently until you get the results you want for your business!


Step 1 – Compliance

  • Entity Counts
  • Your Location
  • 411 Directory
  • Business Fax
  • Website & Email
  • Required Licenses
  • Credit Identity
  • Bank Account


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Otherwise, please complete the form below and a Business Credit Consultant will contact you within 24-48 hours to schedule an appointment for your free business credit consultation. All answers are backed by research and what is currently working in the funding marketing place.

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The Funding Finish Line

Our proven certified coaching program provides you with a path to achieving business and financial credibility and to leverage that credibility to tap a life time of commercial credit based funding.

The Ultimate Business Credit Builder System and your team of Certified Business Credit Coaches will provide you with a system and support to successfully establish your business credit and ensure you can obtain lines of credit. With this foundation, businesses will be able to establish trade or vendor credit, and build their Business Credit Scores to the highest level possible. Our Funding Specialists will provide advice on how best to leverage your Business Credit Asset™ to obtain the cash and trade credit to help your business grow and thrive.

Business Credit Builder Estimated Amounts

Trade Credit – up to $40,000 (Based on Business Score Only)
Equipment Lease – up to $100,000 (When Qualified – 640+ FICO)
Small Business Loan – up to $25,000 (When Qualified – 640+ FICO)
Unsecured Business Loan – up to $25,000 (When Qualified – 680+ FICO)
Business Credit Cards – up to $30,000 (When Qualified – 680+FICO)
Bank Lines of Credit – up to $20,000 to $50,000 (When Qualified – 680+FICO)